Providing Practical and Actionable Recommendations

Amergent is an agency with significant experience in direct response fundraising and the data management services necessary to achieve increasing annual revenue goals. We make sure we remain rich in intellectual capital, which is why we employ a large group of experienced senior strategists who contribute to our “brain trust.” Their strategic collaboration is one of our key competitive advantages.

Our approach to strategic planning is collaborative – and based on the realities of our client’s existing programs, resources, challenges and opportunities. We make sure our recommendations are both practical and actionable from your perspective. To accomplish this, we seek input and feedback in earnest from you,whose income growth goals we are working to achieve.  

You can rely on our experts to help prioritize your strategic objectives to leverage the areas of greatest equity in your fundraising program, so that improvements in donor giving performance have the greatest overall impact on your growth and success. Our approach is to target areas that are doing well – but can do even better.

As your strategic fundraising partner, we will help you continue to invest in the areas that are most responsible for driving annual income growth, long-term donor loyalty and value.

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