The Amergent System: Donor File Preparation

Segmenting the Audience for Customized Messaging

Segmenting Your Donor File“Donor conversation” is more than just a slogan. Your messages to your donors should be tailored to reflect your relationship with them. This is what makes the messages meaningful to the donors. It is what makes them have the desired effect.

In addition to overall theme, communication programs needs to address each donor as an individual. So the message will be “versioned” to account for how recently the donor has given, what amount they have given, the scope of their relationship with you and other specific factors.

It is, of course, critical that the correct message versions go to the correct file segments. That is achieved in the preparation of the donor file. Technical Services, working with the most recent and complete donor file, programs the precise selection instructions. These instructions, which include omits, suppressions and special record selects, are an integral part of the strategy for your message program.

Some of the ways in which your message will be “versioned” for particular audience segments may include a great deal of personalized aspects of the donor’s giving, suggested gift arrays or calls to action. A single letter, for example, may be distributed in dozens of different versions.

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