Donor Development

You could have a Twitter strategy, a Facebook strategy, add a mobile messaging strategy, an email strategy, a… But that can feel a bit like spinning plates.

At Amergent, we believe in a Donor Development Strategy – because your donors are the common denominator.

We know that people follow a path online: they find out about you, they decide if you are worth their time, they may decide to give you some information/a gift, and then they want to stay in touch. All of those steps may happen over the course of days, months, or just seconds.

So no matter what the goal is – list building, increased donations, higher conversion – we build campaigns that address your goal and your audience. Then we use the right mix of tools to address each step in the online donor experience. Much more productive than spinning plates!

  Methodology chart
• Promote URL
• Search Engine        
• Drive traffic
• Chaperoned email
• Google Adwords
• Facebook Ads
• Social Networks              
• Relate to your audience
• Navigation/site design
• Usability
• Compliance
• Good Content
  o Transparency           
  o Mission
  o Useful
  o User generated            
• The right ask for each
• Landing page design
• Form design
• Page optimization
• Multiple payment methods
  o Credit Card
  o Checks                     
  o PayPal
  o Amazon
• Integrated approach
• Email Communications
• Mobile messaging
• Social networks
• Thank you pages