American Indian College Fund – Power of 60 Winback

2013 NEDMA SILVER: Category: Direct Mail: Customer Retention

Recapture Lapsed Donors before the Fall Fundraising Season

In order to show the lapsed donor that it did not take a large commitment to help an American Indian student in need, Amergent utilized the concept of "1 of 60." The letter was to appeal intellectually to the donor yet easily explain how obtainable higher education is for American Indians, i.e. show that it only takes 60 people to cover the cost of tuition for one student for a semester.  We created a simple letter package that utilized cream stock and virtually no graphic treatment. The idea here was to create a package that stood out based on its simplicity.

Amergent used the "1 of 60" theme throughout package to create a sense of affinity, i.e. Be a part of a group (1 of 60) of people who understand the importance of education.

Rather than focusing on large numbers, we boiled the number down to something one person can obtain. No donor was asked for less than $35 or more than $500. 

We also included a decal freemium in the package that would visually represent the donor as being "1 of 60."

American Indian College Fund – Power of 60 Winback