American Indian College Fund – Matching Gift Campaign

2013 NEDMA BRONZE: Category: Direct Mail – Fundraising/Non-profit (campaign)

Split a Matching Gift Between Two Campaigns to Better Leverage the Match

Amergent created a multi-hit direct mail campaign that leveraged a large matching gift to increase donor response prior to year-end fundraising.

The first appeal announced a matching gift challenge through a one-to-one communication from Senior Advisor, Rick Williams (former president) to donors which highlighted the story of a tribal college student and Fund scholarship recipient, to convey the importance of the donor’s continued support. 

Matching gift language was utilized on the envelope teaser.  A deadline was also used to add a sense of urgency to the campaign.  Matching gift "double-up" coupons, which used pictures of scholarship recipents, were attached to the reply device as a donor involvement device.

The second appeal was a one-to-one communication from President & CEO Cheryl Crazy Bull to donors that reminded the donors of Rick's letter the prior month and promoted the increase and extension of the matching gift challenge from October.  Rather than just a deadline extension, the matching gift fund was increased to add another $30,000 in matching gift funds. 

In order to explain this and make it clear to the donor what we were asking them to do, we used a full letter sized reply to lay out how their support would be doubled.  The header of the reply reinforced the matching gift challenge extension. 

This strategy resulted in response rate that was 47% higher than projected (for both campaigns combined) and 37% higher than the prior year's campaign.

American Indian College Fund – Matching Gift Campaign