Catholic Medical Mission Board – Haiti Midlevel

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Special Donors Deserve Special Treatment
Three generous donors provided CMMB with a $500,000 challenge grant to help raise an additional $1.5 million over three years to fully fund the Haiti Disability Program.

This mailing was sent to CMMB’s highest contributors, and to the extent we could do so within budget, we wanted to make them feel special with three handsomely produced, personalized mailings. 

The first mailing set up the need, with heartbreaking photos of Haitian amputees, a letter explaining a matching gift arrangement and a brochure that gave the reader a visual insight into what it’s like to live with an amputation in a developing country.

The second package asked for a gift and explained how the gift would be used. It included photo cards of recovering Haitian amputees to show donors whom they would be helping.

The third letter reminded the reader of the great need and told the story of one particular child who underwent amputation, as well as reminding the reader of the available gift match. The mailing included a beautiful photo card of the child.

Catholic Medical Mission Board – Haiti Midlevel