Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers – Gift of Hope

: Category: Technique: Best Art Direction
SILVER: Category: Direct Mail: Fundraising/ Non–Profit (campaign)

GOLD: Category: Best Donor Renewal Program Campaign

Your Best Donors Are Willing to Go Above and Beyond
This campaign is primarily designed for Maryknoll’s most loyal donors, providing them an opportunity to give beyond their current level of support.

This campaign focused on Maryknoll’s outreaches that help needy children. The package needed to be printed in such a way that it made the Maryknoll brand very clear and would not be confused with so many of the other children's mission organizations.

Donors were encouraged to send a “Gift of Hope” over and above their current giving level to support Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, who provide critical aid to these boys and girls.

The introductory Announcement was designed as a special invitation. This conveyed an air of exclusivity and encouraged the donor to watch for more details that they would receive in a few weeks time. A soft ask provided an opportunity for the donor to give that “exceptional” gift during the first phase of the campaign. 

The Direct Appeal explained in more detail the special needs of children in Vietnam, Namibia in southern Africa and Bolivia. A brochure entitled “A Gift of Hope” focused on the three missions highlighted in the campaign. The Direct Appeal delivered the “hard ask” and the tone continued to be one of intimate friendship.

Graphics were beautifully executed in both packages with distinctive Maryknoll branding and high-end touches such as an attractive gold band that wrapped around the Announcement carrier. Live handwriting and first-class postage stamps on both the outer and reply envelopes completed the highly personalized presentation.

Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers – Gift of Hope