Philabundance – Community Food Center Proposal

2013 NEDMA BRONZE: Category: Direct Mail – B-to-C Campaign

Craft a Proposal for High-end Donors Genuinely Interested in Your Mission

Donors received a highly personalized package that included a 6x9 closed-face envelope with handwritten address, a cover letter, proposal sheet, full-sheet reply slip and a business card paper clipped to the letter.

The cover letter thanked the donor for their exceptional support throughout the year and was a “feel good” letter where the main purpose was to get the donor to read the attached proposal. The proposal sheet outlined:

THE SITUATION - Many Families in the Delaware Valley Are Living in Food Deserts

THE OPPORTUNITY - Increase the Number of Families Served by Our Community Food Center

THE IMPACT - Your Response Will Have a Lasting Effect in Our Poorest Communities

THE CHALLENGE - Invest in Our Community Food Center and Help Reach More Hungry Families

The full-sheet reply slip made it truly feel like it came from the desk of the President and Executive Director. The business card attached encouraged donors to contact the ED with any questions they may have on the proposal. A special email address was set up to field any email questions.

Philabundance – Community Food Center Proposal