UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center – Cancer Heroes

2013 NEDMA BRONZE: Category: Technique: Best Tweets

Use Social Media to Promote and Increase Year-end Giving

Amergent proposed an integrated year-end fundraising campaign that included 4 email drops, 10 Facebook posts and 12 corresponding tweets. The theme of the campaign was “Cancer Heroes Among Us.” 

Tweets were evenly divided between fundraising and engagement. Engagement-focused tweets feature a Jonsson Cancer Center cancer hero and their compelling story. The heroes were to include a mix of doctors, researchers and patients (clinical trial and traditional treament options) who are fighting and winning the battle against cancer. Fundraising tweets asked donors to give while reminding them the end of the tax year was approaching.

The time frame was the last week of the year when online fundraising is at its heaviest. We recommended JCCC send an email the day after Christmas and then the last three days of the calendar year, and tweet to correspond with each email.

UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation – Cancer Heroes