UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center – 6 Ways in 6 Days

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Use Social Media to Strengthen Your Fundraising Efforts
Amergent developed an integrated year-end fundraising campaign that included six email drops and corresponding messaging on their social media channels. The theme of the campaign was “6 Ways (We Fight Cancer) in 6 Days." The time frame was the last week of the year when online fundraising is heaviest. An email was sent every day that week. Each one featured a different way JCCC fights cancer and included a patient or other compelling story.

With JCCC’s proven success on Facebook and growing activity in Twitter, Amergent also recommended using those channels as additional fundraising touchpoints. Although social media’s niche is engagement rather than fundraising, we considered their followers warm prospects with an active interest in the organization.

The campaign succeeded in engaging the audience, thanking them for their support, inspiring confidence in giving to JCCC/UCLA, offering patient success stories and, of course, raising money.

UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation – 6 ways in 6 days