American Indian College Fund - 2012 Student Superlatives Campaign

2013 NEDMA GOLD: Category: Technique: Best Online Copywriting

Fresh Idea for a Campaign That could Drive the Same Revenue but without a Match Offer

The primary theme of this fundraising campaign played off yearbook superlatives. The emails focused on "superlatives" such as “Most likely to drop out.” But the landing page offered a payoff with what would happen if the student got the support of donors and ultimately a life-changing scholarship. The students featured were currently in school, as Amergent wanted the donor to feel that there was an immediate need for support. With the school year ending as the campaign was dropping, and the deadline for scholarship applications approaching, funds were needed ASAP to fulfill all the student requests for the 2013 school year.

Each email featured a dramatic student “before” story and silhouette. The story talked about all the reasons why the student was “most likely” NOT to go to college (in the first place), continue college (drop out) or get a degree. The email drove people to the landing page to read the outcome.

Once someone donated, they received a thank-you email from the student featured in the email. A personal message from the student as well as photo appeared in the email to make it more heartfelt.

American Indian College Fund - 2012 Student Superlatives Campaign