Salesian Missions – 2012 Milestone Mailing

2013 NEDMA SILVER: Category: Direct Mail – Fundraising/Non-profit (solo)

Encourage Donors to Give at the levels they had in Prior Years

After analyzing the client's database, Amergent proposed a milestone mailing to raise more money for the client. The biggest drop in revenue came from a group of donors who had given only 190,000 gifts versus 340,000 gifts in the prior year.

We wanted to treat the donor as a long-standing active donor, but gently remind them that needed to pick up the pace of their giving. Amergent assumed that most are unaware of their drop off in giving.

By relying heavily on personalization, lots of lifetime metrics, faux handwriting and first-class postage treatment, Amergent raised the Salesian Missions a total of $136,598 - 28% more in revenue than initially forecasted.

Salesian Missions – 2012 Milestone Mailing