Are you missing 40% of your online donations?

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“My donors are elderly, and they don’t like to give online.”

Most of us don't still believe that, but the fact remains that many seniors and other visitors don’t like to give via credit card. If that’s the only option you give them, you could be missing lots of opportunities to convert donation page visitors to donors.

Maybe they don’t trust sending credit card information online. Maybe they just can’t be bothered to find their credit card (finding ANYTHING in my mom’s purse has long been a challenge). Maybe they’re trying to cut down on credit card purchases to avoid high interest charges.

We encourage our clients to offer a multitude of alternate ways to accept donations online, including:

  • Call a phone number (show the hours during which you can take calls)
  • Print a one-page, self-sufficient PDF donation form and mail it in
  • Use the donor’s PayPal account
  • Use the donor’s Amazon one-click account
  • Online check processing

The results? For one Amergent client, only 61% of all 2009 “online” gifts came in via the online credit card processing option. 23% came in via PayPal, and another 16% via the PDF file. We’ll be instituting online check processing in 2010. Overall, four out of every ten visits to the donation page result in a gift – better than twice the industry average.

Can we help you broaden your options? Please contact us so we can talk about your integrated fundraising goals.

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