E-Append Project

Need to accelerate your email fundraising program, and support your direct mail campaigns at the same time? M@IL Amergent can help you append email addresses to your direct mail donors in a process that is very similar to any other data-append process.

While you could do this on your own, there are many advantages to participating in a combined run being sponsored by Amergent:

  • Reduced minimum fees
  • Increased match rates – many clients match over 20%!
  • Amergent/NPA guiding the process – knowing your needs and ensuring the technical process reflects your goals
  • Complete data security and compliance with all industry standards and government regulations
  • Copywriting for the email that is sent to each matched name to secure permission
  • Potential increase in direct mail results and online fundraising for each appended name

Maybe you’ve had concerns about email append before, about your data security and the e-append process. Maybe you’ve thought your quantities were too small to be cost effective, or maybe you just didn’t have time to pursue it among all your other requirements. We can resolve all of those concerns with one phone call.

What you need to know:

  1. Data is due to Amergent by the due date to be included in this process. We will help you produce a file of names and addresses of donors with no current email address. Include a separate file of any email addresses that have requested NOT to get email from you.
  2. Only names with activity in the last 36 months can be appended.
  3. We will write the email to be sent and send it to you for approval. Approved copy is due with your lists.
  4. You will get matched email addresses back in about four weeks.
  5. We match based on name and address, both individual matches (first and last name) as well as household matches (same last name). Each record is coded with an “H” or “I”.
  6. You will need to have an email communications plan for these new names to be mailed the first week you get the matches back. (We would love to help you with this.) 

To learn more about the email append or to participate, please contact Jessica Carty at 978-278-1917 or email her at jcarty@amergent.com.