PORTFOLIO: More Attentive to Donor Needs (While Cutting Costs): Trinity Missions

In 2002, Trinity Missions selected Portfolio™ – Amergent’s fundraising database solution – as the system to help their organization continue to build upon its successful fundraising programs. Since implementing Portfolio, Trinity Missions has become more responsive to their donors’ needs and, at the same time, more efficient and cost-effective.

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Portfolio provides Trinity Missions with the tools to better manage all aspects of the organization’s direct mail campaigns. Realizing the need to be more attentive, Trinity Missions utilized a number of Portfolio’s features to focus on building stronger relationships with their donors. Portfolio’s powerful campaign segmentation tools allow Trinity Mission to better and more precisely target their messages – enabling their organization to “mail smarter.” Acknowledgements are reaching donors in a more timely manner. Interactions and important information are stored in donor profiles, allowing staff to better understand and identify potential major gift and planned gift donors – along with other donors and prospects that require special handling. 

As a completely web-based solution, Portfolio gives authorized users the flexibility to access the system 24 hours a day, seven days a week – from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility enabled Trinity Missions to realize significant savings by replacing some full-time data-entry positions with “home-based,” part-time staff. These contract workers can work from virtually anywhere, allowing Trinity Missions to quickly shrink and expand their data entry efforts as needed during the slow and busy seasons. Utilizing this new, more flexible home-based data entry structure, Trinity Missions has improved their processing and acknowledgement turnaround times to where most gifts are processed and posted in less than 24 hours – even during its busiest mailing seasons.

In addition, Portfolio’s powerful reporting capabilities provide Trinity Missions with the critical information necessary to identify opportunities and spot negative trends early on in the cycle. This allows the management at Trinity Missions to develop strategies and programs to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities. 

Patricia Regan, CFRE, Executive Director of Trinity Missions, has been thrilled with their database solution’s capabilities, which she feels “truly set Portfolio apart from the other nonprofit database systems.”

About Trinity Missions
Trinity Missions is a Catholic missionary organization based in Silver Spring, Maryland. Their mission is to preserve the faith among people who are spiritually neglected or abandoned – especially the poor. Trinity Missionaries work in the United States and in Latin America to fulfill their mission of helping those in need and spreading the Word of God to those less fortunate.