What it’s like to partner with us
Amergent Talent
When you are an Amergent client, you have an account team that includes experts from all functional areas. We have found this to be the best structure for developing and executing client strategies – it allows key players to enhance front-end strategic development, and promote the best use of resources throughout the company. Everyone is smarter and more productive when they are focused on you rather than us.

You may find it interesting to know that at Amergent, there are no “employees.” We call ourselves “Amergent talent.”

Amergent talent comprises over 60 full-time professional staff, including professionals in Account Management, Creative Services, Production Management, Analytics, Database Management, Sales & Marketing and Administration. Everyone is focused on nonprofit fundraising, either directly or in a support capacity.

Excellent customer service is the hallmark of Amergent. Amergent talent approaches all of our client engagements as partnerships, where we work together with you to provide the necessary strategy, creative, production, technology and data management services to meet your specific needs.